To advance and defend the ideal of equal educational opportunity for all TRiO eligible individuals by providing its members the guidance and support needed to foster those activities necessary to cause the target population to persist in achieving their educational goals.

The Southwest Association of Student Assistance Program, Inc. (SWASAP) is the first of ten regional associations dedicated to furthering educational opportunities for low income, first generation and disabled students in the United States. SWASAP serves the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

SWASAP has had a trailblazing legacy of strength, leadership, and commitment to represent the concerns and needs of TRIO students and educational equity issues in our region. We continue to face numerous challenges: the uncertainty of receiving substantial funding; delays in grant competitions; many campuses and states that are coping with unprecedented budget shortfalls which have resulted in loss of students served and implementing the new HEOA regulations. As in the past, we have managed to collaborate and advocate for educational access on behalf of our students. It is vital for SWASAP to strengthen its advocacy, partnerships, corporate development, and educational alliances regionally and nationally to get through these challenging times.

Our Board of Directors and members are committed to move our association forward and have identified priorities that are essential to moving TRIO Programs in the Southwest and nationally. As president, I am excited about where our organization is going and where it will lead as we continue to pursue equality and break through the poverty lines for our students in the world of higher education.

I encourage all visitors to our site and learn about SWASAP and TRIO. I encourage our students and alumni to visit our alumni section and register as an alumnus. I hope that if you want to know more about TRIO that you leave us a message and tell us how we can work with you and your organization.

TRIO and SWASAP have a 50 year history of assisting students who are first generation, low income, and disabled to achieve an education at the postsecondary level. I implore you to see how TRIO works and for you to be a part of the movement!



Martin Lopez
SWASAP President

, SWASAP President

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UCO Commitment to TRIO Programs Students and Institutionalization - Dr. Myron Pope as presented at the 2014 SWASAP Conference

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